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JAP is a company specialized in logistics management for the transport, sorting, and packaging of your international cargo. We are a logistics provider approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). JAP offers a complete rage of services, including:
* Alliances with premier shipping services and airlines around the world
* Worldwide freight management services
* Experienced & dedicated logistic professionals
* Free quotes and Competitive freight rates
* Customs brokers and freight forwarders throughout Latin America
* Full-container-shipments (FCL) and Less-than-container shipments (LCL)
* Air, sea, and land cargo options
* Pro-active customs clearance advice
* Photographic record from the reception to the clearance of cargo
* Pickup or pick-up of goods at source
* Receipt of merchandise in detail (model and / or serial)
* In-Bond storage
* Periodic email correspondence with detailed inventory of existing goods in our warehouse
* Classification of goods according to the customer instructions
* Seamless shipping, customs clearance and delivery of your goods
* Timely and relevant communications about your shipment
* Immediate follow-up through our JAP-Track System
JAP assigns a coordinator to take care of every detail of your cargo needs. We’ll also establish a direct communication in order to keep up with accurate cargo information. Contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your specific needs.
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